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  • Kate, our 2 year old, loves the glasses and happily wears them all around Perth!Catherine,Australia
  • I run with Schäedz Sunglasses. I love the lens, they make me see better.Cristian,Russia
  • Our 3 year old loves his red Schäedz. Thank you!Harpartap,USA


About Schäedz Childrens Sunglasses

Schäedz was founded to protect children from sun damage and to make a positive contribution to society. Schäedz:

  • offers the highest quality polarized adult's and kids sunglasses at an affordable price
  • gives 10% discount on sunglasses after the first pair
  • ships anywhere in the world without extra charge
  • gives 10% of profits to preventable blindness charities

Baby White

Baby White Polarized Sunglasses

30% Off at Checkout !

10% of Schäedz profits go to a charity

$29.95 Detail

Baby Purple

Baby Purple Polarized Sunglasses

30% Off at Checkout !

Minimal 70-90% recycled material packaging

$29.95 Detail

Baby Black

Baby Black Polarized Sunglasses

30% Off at Checkout !

Fits children between 3 months and 3 years.

$29.95 Detail

Baby Navy

Baby Navy Polarized Sunglasses

30% Off at Checkout !

Children's sunglasses, hard case and microfiber cloth

$29.95 Detail

Baby Tortoise

Baby Tortoise Polarized Sunglasses

30% Off at Checkout !

14 day no questions asked exchange or refund

$29.95 Detail

Baby Red

Polarized Sunglasses

30% Discount at Checkout!

180 day manufacturing defect warranty

$29.95 Detail

Quality and Protection for childrens sunglasses

Schäedz kids sunglasses have:

  • impact resistant polycarbonate, UV400, polarized lenses
  • quality that meets Australian, EU and US guidelines
  • wide temples to block peripheral sun intrusion
  • durable dual direction hinges
  • matching adult designs to allow parents lead by example
  • hand-made acetate frames which allow for prescription lens replacement

Why Kids Sunglasses?

Although most parents are aware that sun protection is vital for skin, many do not realise our eyes are naturally ten times more sensitive to UV light or that children are most at risk. It is worth noting:

  • 68% of adults wear sunglasses outdoors
  • 30% of children wear kids sunglasses outdoors
  • 79% of parents insist their children wear sunscreen
  • 48% do not ensure their kids wear childrens sunglasses.
  • 70% more UV light reaches the retina through a child's un-obscured crystalline lenses
  • 80% of a lifetime's UV rays are absorbed by a child's eyes before the age of 18 .

The World Health Organization (WHO) says children are at especially high risk of damage from UV radiation, recommend they wear childrens sunglasses and states that over exposure to the sun can cause or accelerate:

  • inflammations of the cornea
  • conjunctiva in the eye
  • cataract development
  • corneal sunburn (photokeratitis)
  • cancer development

Encouragement to wear kids sunglasses

At Schäedz we have created adult sunglasses in the same shapes and colours as the kids sunglasses and baby sunglasses versions. By wearing Schäedz themselves, parents can leverage younger childrens natural tendency to emulate their parents. By creating and adult product in childrens sizes older children feel more grown up. Schäedz makes kids sunglasses and baby sunglasses for children from 6 months to 99 years. If a habit is formed at a very young age it will be continued. Schäedz uses high quality glare reducing polarized lens on the kids sunglasses for child's comfort. As parents we have found these seemingly small innovations can make all the difference in how often our children wear their kids sunglasses.

Childrens Sunglasses Warranty

The quality and durability of our kids sunglasses and baby sunglasses is warranted by Schäedz LLP.

  • 14 day no questions asked exchange or refund for original condition returns
  • 180 day manufacturing defect warranty